Heal & Renew Your Relationships: with Yourself, Others, and with God. It's Time

overcommitted businesswoman

Afraid of criticism & judgement?

Wonder what God thinks of you?

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Not sure you're 'good enough'?

Hard on yourself?

Is it difficult to trust God?

Not sure how to trust anyone?

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wounded emotions & mindsets skew relationships

Christ-Centered, carefully curated Coaching+

with a Former Trauma Therapist

Become an overcomer

Christ-Centered, Carefully Curated Coaching+

with a Former Trauma Therapist

say goodbye to doubts, insecurities
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MYTH: Overwhelm, fears, self-doubt, insecurity ... This is who I am, what I do. There's no changing it.

My Coaching+ Program leads you to Christ-centered Emotional Balance

More easily adapt to changes

Courageously face fears

Listen to understand

Know mistakes do not define you

No more self-judgement

MYTH: I am not enough: smart enough, good enough, parent enough, partner enough, employee enough, perfect enough ... That's just who I am


My Coaching+ Program gives you:

Simple steps & methods to counter doubts and negative self-beliefs & to replace them with Christ's Truths about you


No more comparisons

Stepping into your Christ-centered Calm, Confident, Empowered Self

Understanding your worth

you are enough
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Free, not stuck
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MYTH: I am helpless, someone has to rescue me


"If I could just control ... "


"If that person would only ... "


"If they had stuck to the plan ..."
... Then it would be better


My Coaching+ Program gives you tools & methods to Overcome feeling stuck, helpless, dependent, or with no choices


Feeling more emotionally free & confident

Feeling safe, & secure in who you are

Being far less bothered by others' opinions of you

Trusting in God's Goodness, Plan, & Purpose for you

they became overcomers - IN THEIR WORDS

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Heather, single mom, business woman

"... I am back to finding the joy in my days. Which all in turn makes me a better parent, friend, employee and more! Thank you so much, Sherry!"

Woman headshot, woman of color

Ashley, wife, mom, educator, cancer survivor

"... she helped me to put my anxious thoughts in perspective, and she gave me practical, actionable suggestions for coping with and overcoming them. "

I too needed to Overcome

Your road to Emotional Balance does not need to be the long, rocky, difficult one mine was

As a child with an alcoholic parent, I learned insecurity and anxiety. In my early 20s, I failed out of college, got involved in an unhealthy relationship and stayed in it for almost 30 years.

Sherry and her dog

I Became an Overcomer

With Christ, 100s of hours of post-Master's degree and neuroscience-based trainings, prayer, and my own healing journey, I UnLeashed my Christ-Centered Calm, Confident, Focused, & Empowered self and discovered a Closer Relationship with Christ

I gladly lost the constant insecurity & wondering if I hurt someone's feelings

Being perfect and trying to earn my place at work and in relationships stopped

I cherish my Stronger & Closer Relationship with Christ

You can Become an Overcomer, too

Sherry McClurkin

Your Compassionate 'Emotional Balance' Expert & former Trauma Therapist


" ... Truly, my life was spiraling ... and I wanted things to be different for my kids ... Sherry has been by my side every step of the way navigating all of this, without judgement, and giving me the support and power that I so desperately needed."

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H. Colabucci

Single mom to teens, works multiple jobs

Become an Overcomer

Christ-Centered, Carefully Curated Coaching+

with a Former Trauma Therapist

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UnLeash Your Christ-Centered Calm, Confident, Focused, Empowered Self
graphic of confused head with arrow pointing to clear head & heart
wounded emotions & mindsets skew relationships

Christ-Centered, Carefully Curated Coaching+

with a Former Trauma Therapist

Live & On-Demand

All Virtual

Welcome to

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Become an Overcomer to Discover Emotional Balance &

a Closer Relationship with Christ

Moving People to Emotional Balance for More than 20 Years


Uplifting others for 20+ years. From running a Girl Scout outreach program to 10 years heading technical teams for IBM & similar companies to training new mental health therapists to now coaching


It's likely you learned to believe less of yourself like so many others. No more. My courses show you how to train your brain to focus on what truly matters to you.

And that's how confidence grows


It is ok to make your own choices & to find your own way. It is ok to say 'no' to what doesn't fit your goals and to have goals. Gain the courage to say 'yes' to yourself and then watch your world open up

Become an Overcomer to Discover Emotional Balance &

a Closer Relationship with Christ

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they became overcomers - IN THEIR WORDS

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H. C., dog mom, divorced

" ... placed much needed boundaries in relationships in my life, my anxiety is manageable and low most days, ... "

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Brain & rocket ship for Emotional Balance Quick Start

Start using simple, proven methods for Emotional Balance immediately

PDF to Download, separate window

Impact of Fight-Flight-Freeze on Emotional Balance

See how Fight-Flight-Freeze shows up and disrupts your Emotional Balance

PDF to Download, separate window

procrastination and Emotional Balance

Discover what procrastination is and how to Overcome it

PDF to Download, separate window

Become an Overcomer to Discover Emotional Balance &

a Closer Relationship with Christ


What is this truly all about?

This is about simple, proven methods based on brain science, so they cooperate with how the brain actually processes emotions. Once we use methods that cooperate with the emotional center of the brain, we are able to have more control and can UnLeash more of what we want from life.

Is this therapy or coaching? And what's the difference?

Sherry is your Emotional Balance Expert & Coach. While you benefit from Sherry's over 10 years as a Mental Health Therapist, this is educational and coaching. Therapy is more involved than what we do here.

This sounds like 'mindfulness' which I already know, so what would I get out of your webinar courses?

My methods differ by cooperating with how the brain processes emotions and are part of the practical & transformative 3-step program that leads to lasting change. Many other programs stop with mindfulness which is not enough on its own. You need my deeper & broader program to gain more control over your emotional brain.

Why are the live-webinar courses conducted in a group format and not individually?

The group format is empowering by sharing your own story, finding connection with others with similar stories, and discovering your story brings healing to someone else. The webinars are educational & coaching, so group is an appropriate format. Our live-webinar courses are limited in number of participants, which allows you an opportunity to share as you choose without pressure to share.

I want to take a live-webinar that is across multiple weeks, but I can't be there every week. What can I do?

The live-webinars that are across multiple weeks are recorded, so you can watch as a replay. The replay is available to everyone in that particular session (i.e., day/time) and not anyone else, so there is privacy. It helps to watch the replay even if you do attend.

Is this about yoga, meditation, journaling, and exercise?

There are benefits to what you listed, and they are not what this is about. You'll learn simple, proven, brain-science based techniques you can use most any time and place to UnLeash Yourself from guilt, procrastination, distracted thinking, and more. And that's just the start.

Why are the live-webinars so costly?

In the live-webinars, you have the advantage to ask Sherry any questions and receive direct insight and tools that fit your specific situation. Sherry guides you through the Transformative 3-step program and tailors the format to what the group members need. You have the advantage of Sherry's more than 10 years as a Trauma Therapist right there with you. And you have access to Sherry between lessons to ask questions or offer additional guidance. Lastly, this program is unique and powerful, created by Sherry, and leads to real, lasting change.

Is this a quick-fix program that doesn't really make a lasting difference?

No, when the steps are followed and put in place in your day-to-day life, you will have real, lasting change.

Is this simply positive thinking or positive psychology?

No. There is value to those approaches, and my courses use similar-sounding elements. My methods cooperate with how the brain processes emotions which creates lasting, real change.

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